Muslim and American

The Muslim American Public Opinion Survey (MAPOS)

Principal Investigators:
Matt A. Barreto, University of California, Los Angeles
Karam Dana, University of Washington Bothell

Most political science research on racial and ethnic minorities in the United tends to focus on African Americans, Asian Americans and Latinos. Further, most studies of Muslims typically look at democratization and political participation in the Middle East. Relatively few efforts have been made to understand the patterns of social, civic, and political participation among Arab/Muslim Americans in the United States, despite great increases in their population, citizenship, and voter registration over recent elections.

This research project focuses on two important concepts in racial/ethnic politics among Muslim Americans: the notion of linked fate or shared group consciousness, and also the importance of tadayyun (or religiosity) and the resulting impact on political participation. This project has been a collaborative effort, with the survey being fielded in more than ten cities and 22 locations across America.




A research program funded by the Social Science Research Council.